” Brothers Zake Wanateseka Huko Mombasa” Peter Kioi Exposes King Roso as He Reveals His Identity.

King Roso has been on the trends for quite some time. This is after he decided to fully fund the funeral of Brian Chira. He donated ksh.850,000 that is according to Baba Talisha , though he didn’t show a prove that Roso sent money.

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As it is usually said, there is no secret that can be kept by two people, tiktoker, Peter Kioi finally decided to let the cat out of the bag, and revealed the real identity of King Roso.

During his tiktok live that had over 20,000 people, Peter revealed that he knows Roso in person. He said that the real name of Roso is Omar Ahmed, and he resides in Dubai but his home is Mombasa, Kenya.
Kioi said he has photos of King Roso and his entire family and he will leak them soon. He said that he is aware that brothers of King Roso are living a very miserable life , yet he is on Tiktok gifting people lions.

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Peter said that Roso is a big scam and he alleged that he has several cases, to prove that he promised to send money to help people , but he never send. They are even questioning if he really send the money he promised for Chira’s burial.

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Peter said he has all the tea, he can’t be intimidated, therefore he is much ready to reveal everything about Kingroso and let kenyans know him.

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