Betty Kyallo: I Quitted My Job , Took All My Savings To Invest in Flair By Betty .

Betty Mutei Kyallo is one of the most famous business women in Kenya and she is also a public figure and former media personality who decided to invest in the beauty industry.

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During the COVID 19 period, Betty Kyallo made a very risky decision, the decision was to quit his job at Mediamax company, where she used to work as a news anchor at K24, and she decided to join the field of business.

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She launched Flair by Betty, which was a multimillion beauty spa that was meant to be a very huge brand in future. Jalang’o and many other celebrities supported her, and it was a very huge brand.
Betty said that she took all her lifetime savings to invest in the flair, it was at a very risky time, that was during the COVID 19 period, remember those times people were avoiding to shave or any kind of interactions.

Fast forward , in 2024, Flair by Betty is on its knees, the spa is on the verge of being closed completely. Infact things are being auctioned. It is said that Betty Kyallo has rent arrears of about ksh.1.5 Million , and that is why it is being auctioned.
Betty Kyallo confirmed, and said let it go, because owning a business in Kenya is becoming hectic, and he has accepted to let the flair go, she has other businesses to focus on.

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