” Miguu Yako Ipate Nguvu” Watch Pastor Ezekiel Trying to Heal Ailing Footballer Ezekiel Otuoma.

In 2020, Ezekiel Otuoma was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND), also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The disease occurs when specialist nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord called motor neurones stop working properly. The condition changed his life completely.

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Ezekiel Otuoma has been unable to walk and even talk even since the condition started. The former Afc leopards, Ushuru and Western Stima footballer was forced to end his promising career at a very young age.
His wife Rachael Otuoma has been beside him all that time and indeed she is the most supportive woman and a lady who meant true love to her boyfriend.
They have tried all medication but the condition of Ezekiel hasn’t changed, and this time round, they took him to Mavueni for pastor Ezekiel to pray for him and God willing heal him.

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Ezekiel Odero is believed to be among the few pastors in kenya who have divine powers of healing. Otuoma was brought at the stage, and Ezekiel prayed for him.
Pastor Ezekiel commanded the holy spirit to heal him, as he prayed for his feet to get more energy so that he can get back to the pitch and play football. The prayers were powerful and we hope all shall be well, the feedback is yet to be released.

Here is the video.

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