Jovial Narrates How She Was Sexually Assaulted By a Fan.

Jovial Assaulted.


Kenyan famous songbird and also one of the best female artist in Kenya Jovial is the latest 254 musician to be assaulted by a fan. Jovial revealed this via her official Instagram page stories.

Jovial said  that one of her fans crossed the boundaries after she had finished performing in one of the shows in the city and this really humiliated her very badly.
According to her words Jovial said that she had finished performing so she was on her way to the back stage, and one male fan from the audience disrespected her by grabbing her ass without any permission.
Jovial reacted immediately and according to her narration it is like she kicked the fan, because she said that she didn’t give a chance for her security team to deal with the pervert fan. It was the 1st time for Jovial to be assaulted and disrespected by a fan.
Jovial warned male fans who are prone to doing that to ladies and she said that she will be dealing with them personally.
(Here is the screenshot of Jovial Narrating how she was Sexually Assaulted)

She is not the only lady who faces this kind of assault, most ladies are victims of this, and I think it is time for things to change. Men should just learn to be more mature and respect women, I mean if a lady allows you to grab her then do it but if you have not been given any permission, please just respect the lady. This is a shameful incident and are things that aren’t supposed to be happening at this era.

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