Bien: My 1st Salary as A Musician Was Ksh.60 Bob.

One of the most famous and celebrated kenyan musician and songbird, Bien well known as the leader of Soutisol music crew, finally decided to open up when he started music, and his first ever salary to earn from music.

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Speaking in a quick fire session with Kolundu Musyimi, Bien said that his first ever job was music. He started music when he was still young. Just a reminder Bien and other members of Soutisol met at Upperhill, and that is where their serious journey in the music industry started.

Upper hill was the source of Soutisol and since then the crew has been dominant in the Kenyan music scene. It has been topping chats, and they are the pride of Kenya.

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Bien said that he first made his debut in the music field, when he was a young toddler, he was only 6 years. He went to perform to a certain party, and due to his outstanding performance, he was paid Ksh.60 Bob. That is 30 years ago, because he is 36 years now.

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Bien rose from being paid such small amount of money, to being paid ksh.1 million plus per show. He is a huge brand and Soutisol also is a very bigger brand that has worked on their artwork and now they are reaping the fruits of what they sow back then.
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