Nyako : Wabunge Wameanza Kunikatia, Thank You For Advertising My Nyapwetho.

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity and tiktoker who is based in Germany, Pilot Nyako has appreciated  Kenyans for making her video go viral on all social media pages and even earned her trending on X.

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The leaked nude video of Nyako , attracted crazy reactions from Kenyans, who were trolling her all over. At the beginning this broke her down, and she was even seen begging Kenyans not to spread the video so that her kids can’t see it .

But in hee recent live, Nyako changed the tune and decided to appreciate all Kenyans for supporting her. She said that people thought the video has broke her completely , but on a positive side, it has attracted alot of clients. Nyako said that prominent people are in her Dm and they really want to have a thing with her.

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She said that several members of parliament and rich men have been impressed by her private parts and they want to have a coffee with her. Some even want to have a taste of her sweet juice.
She said that she is okay, and she is happy that she is receiving both backlash and love and this is what is keeping her strong. She said that she will continue doing what she does, and for the video let it continue spreading it is a good way of advertising.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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