Wasichana Wananikatia Sana But I’m Not Ripe for Dating” Moyadavid

Moyadavid Opens up on His Relationship Status

“Wasichana Wananikatia Sana But I’m Not Ripe for Dating” Moyadavid.

Another big blow to Kenyan ladies after their crush Moyadavid who is one of the best tiktokers in the country said that he isn’t ready to date anyone. Moyadavid stated several reasons that are preventing him from falling in love anytime soon. Moyadavid has said that his Dm is full of messages from thirsty ladies.
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Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve Moyadavid said that currently he is single and he isn’t planning to fall in love anytime soon. He said that he decided to take a break from relationship so that he can give himself enough time to mature and also know his capabilities.

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Moyadavid said he is very happy and currently he is focusing on himself and the progress has been amazing because he is achieving his goals and knowing his capabilities very well.

Moyadavid said also the other reason why he isn’t dating is that nowdays you can’t fall in love without money, ladies want people who have money hence he is also looking for money.
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He said that alot of ladies have been hitting up on him but for now it is a no, when the right time that he feels it is right he will just find his perfect match and sail with her. Moyadavid urged young boys not to rush falling in love, they should give themselves time to mature hence when you start dating you know your goals and everything you want with your partner.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube. (courtesy of Mungai Eve).

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