“I Was Mistreated in Busia, I Will Never Forgive That Promoter” Emotional Nadia Mukami Narrates.

Nadia Mukami Mistreated.

(image, Nadia Mukami YouTube).

“I Was Mistreated in Busia, I Will Never Forgive That Promoter” Emotional Nadia Mukami Narrates.

Last year, 2021 was indeed a very tough year for Nadia Mukami. Narrating via a vlog in her official YouTube channel, Nadia Mukami got very emotional while explaining the difficulties and hardships she went through last year.

Nadia started by explaining how she had a five months miscarriage, and it was the worst feeling ever, because her together with her boyfriend Arrow Bwoy, had already started to prepare for the baby and even bought some of the clothes.

Nadia said that the miscarriage happened last year April, and during this period she had a pending show in Busia that she was supposed to  perform. Nadia said that the promoter had paid an advance fee, but the show didn’t happen the intended Day due to Corona so it was forwarded to April.
Nadia said that, on the week she was supposed to perform at Busia, she had gone through alot. It was the toughest week because she had a miscarriage on a Wednesday of that week and on Saturday  due to pressure from the promoter of the Busia show, she was forced to travel to Busia with all that feelings.

Nadia said she wasn’t okay, but nobody was ready to listen to her excuses, so she just forced herself to go to the show. When she reached Busia, she found  that  the cruel promoter had booked for her a very dirty hotel, a hotel that a normal human being can’t reside, and the environment was unconducive.
She decided to look for a good hotel by herself and paid it by herself. On Saturday still not feeling well, but she decided to go and perform. Nadia said that she was only capable for performing for 30 minutes, and the situation got worse, so she left the stage.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

(courtesy of Nadia Mukami).
Nadia  said that everyone was angry at her and even the promoter of the show came backstage to try and force her to go back to the stage. Nadia refused and it looked like she was rude. It was the worst feeling and no one was ready to understand her and what she was going through.

Nadia said that she trended everywhere and even on twitter people were just insulting her, yet they didn’t know what made her to quit the stage. Nadia said that she decided to remain silent and heal silently. She said that she lost a lot of friends and anyone she felt that was giving him stress she used to cut her off.
Nadia said that after healing from the miscarriage, which took her about 1 to 2 months of just trying to regain her normality. She also followed doctors instructions of abstaining from sex for few months, and after that because she was very fertile, she conceived again.

Nadia said that  pregnancy and going through a miscarriage is not something to joke with. She said that she will never forgive the Busia Show promoter. She said that it has been God and she is always thankful to God because finally her prayers have been answered and now they are parents of a baby Boy Haseeb Kai.

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