Bien: How We Made Ksh.100 Million  in Less Than 24 Hours

Biensoul who is one of the senior members of the famous Soutisol crew, finally decided to open up on the amount of money they made on the famous Solfestival that usually happens every year. In this scenario Bien decided to give a glimpse of the amount of money Sautisol made from the festival.

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Speaking in an interview at Iko Nini, with Mwafreeka, Bien revealed that they made almost ksh.100 Million during the famous Solfestival 2023. The tickets sell only accimulated ksh.70 Million, remember the VIP tickets were going for ksh.20,000. Merchandise was ksh.10 Million and then you add the sponsorship deals, the total amount was about ksh.100 Million.

He said that is a very good amount of money, meaning that if you want Soutisol to perform in any event you must be ready to pay such amount. Bien said that even if you want him to perform alone and not to sing Sautisol songs, you will have to pay quarter of the money which is ksh.25 Million. This means affording the crew you have to dig deeper in the pockets.

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