Thee Pluto: I’ M  Loosing It , Depression is Finishing me.

One of the most famous Kenyan celebrity and content creator, Thee Pluto well known as the street sanitizer has opened up on battling with depression.

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Thee Pluto who went viral in 2021 after starting the loyalty test , has been behind the scene for a while, despite doing his loyalty tests shows. He has avoided interviews with online media for sometime.

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The last time Thee Pluto went viral online is when he opened up on deleting his YouTube channel and living a private life. He was also on the trends , when he responded to Nick Bigfish concerning scripting of the loyalty test show.

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However in his recent post on Instagram page stories, Thee Pluto has revealed that he is currently battling with depression. The content creator urged his fans to pray for him because depression is eating him from inside.

Thee Pluto opens up on depression
Thee Pluto opens up on depression

He didn’t reveal more , on what is making him depressed, but according to the post it is clear that he is not Okay. We hope everything will be fine, he is among the most successful youths in the country, and at the age of 23 years, he is already worth millions of money and living a very lavish lifestyle.

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