“My 2nd Pregnancy Was Unplanned” Willis Raburu’s Wife Opens up.

Ivy Namu's 2nd Pregnancy.

“My 2nd Pregnancy Was Unplanned” Willis Raburu’s Wife Opens up.

Ivy Namu, the wife to Willis Raburu has finally decided to open up about her second pregnancy just a week after they made it public that they are expecting their 2nd Born.

Responding to questions asked by her fans on her Instagram page stories, Ivy Namu was honest and said openly that her second pregnancy was just unexpected and unplanned. Ivy said that she just found herself pregnant, most probably it might be as a result of safe days gone wrong.

However being unplanned, Ivy Namu said that she is happy and much ready to welcome her second child with her husband Willis Raburu just in a span of 3 years that the two have been in relationship seriously.
Here is the screenshot of Ivy Namu revealing that her pregnancy was unplanned.

Ivy Namu’s Pregnancy

Ivy Namu brought back happiness to Willis Raburu after he had lost 2 unborn children through miscarriage in his previous relationship with his ex wife Marya Prude. Infact miscarriage and some of the misunderstanding are the main reason why Willis Raburu and Marya Prude divorced.

However Ivy Namu has filled in the shoes very well and the two lover birds are indeed enjoying their marriage life and Willis Raburu is looking forward to get married for the second time. We wish them all thr best, and also wish Ivy Namu all the best during her gestation period.

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