Kiddo, A 21Years Old Millionaire Shows Off His Expensive Car Worth ksh.5.6 Million.

Inside a ksh.5.6 Million Nissan Fuga Owned by Kiddo

Young and rich, Kiddo has been gaining fame online, after his Nissan Fuga car went viral , during a certain event at two rivers mall. The sleek car was the talk of the town and Kenyans really praised it online.

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The 21 years old young man revealed that the car legally belongs to him. Speaking in an interview with 2mbili during the celeb ride show, Kiddo said that he acquired the Nissan Fuga on October 2022.

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He bought the car from a local car dealer. He paid ksh.5.6 Million. It has a V6 engine, 3.5 Litres, and the seats are leather and customised. He has pimped the machine, fixing in an expensive music system and all the necessities .

A Ksh.5.6 Million Nissan Fuga Owned by Kiddo
A Ksh.5.6 Million Nissan Fuga Owned by Kiddo

The young millionaire said that the Nissan Fuga was his second car. His first car was a Vitz, that he was gifted by his parents, after completing form four.

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He said that he is a car lover, and he has successfully managed to acquire the White Prado TX car that is owned by Thee Pluto. He claimed that he bought it specifically to carry his body guards, and also to use it to access areas where the Nissan Fuga can’t manuver.

Kiddo inside his ksh.5.6 Million Nissan Fuga
Kiddo inside his ksh.5.6 Million Nissan Fuga

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He didn’t reveal how he makes his millions, he decided to keep it private, because he is not a social media person. However he said that he is wealthy and his dream cat is Lamborghini, and he is optimistic that he will acquire it.

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