” Hakuna Hata 1Bob Krg Alichanga Kusupport Miracle Baby” Carol Katrue Reveals.

Peter Miracle Baby’s wife , Carol Katrue finally came up to open up about Peter Miracle Baby viral story whereby , Krg The Don claimed that they are making Peter’s sickness as a business by extorting money from Kenyans, yet they refused William Ruto’s support.

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Krg The Don called out Carol Katrue and claimed that she is the one responsible for misusing the money, and he told her that , Ruto offered to help Peter, but she refused the assistance by taking him out of Kenyatta Hospital where all the bills could have been paid by the president.

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Carol Katrue decided to fireback at Krg The Don , by revealing that the singer was just telling lies. The whole president thing was a PR, something like clout chasing, but it is true Ruto send ksh.300,000 to help them.

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She went on and said since they started fundraising, Krg The Don has never even contributed a coin towards Peter, he has even never visited him in hospital, hence all the dramas online are just things he is saying without knowing the real condition of Miracle Baby.
Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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