” Ni Mali Safi” Yesu Wa Tongaren’s Daughter Nabii Enoka Giving Kenyan Men Sleepless Nights

The daughter of the trending self proclaimed ‘Jesus’ from Bungoma, Eliud Wekesa well known as Yesu wa Tongaren, has wowed Kenyan men with her cute and charming looks.

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During an introduction of his family, Yesu wa Tongaren said that him and his wife who is also his 4th disciple, identified as Benjamin, have 8 children together, and all their children have blessed names from the bible because he believes that they are his inheritance and they will be powerful as their father.

Yesu Wa Tongaren ignored  his alleged two children with his first wife . He said that he has only 1 wife, all the other stories are just meant for clout chasing.

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He went own and requested his daughter and other children to speak to the media. His daughter ‘Nabii Enoka’  or prophet Enock , was the first one to speak to the public. She looked shy but she gained courage and said how proud she is to be a daughter to ‘Jesus’.

Yesu wa Tongaren's daughter 'Nabii Enoka'
Yesu wa Tongaren’s daughter ‘Nabii Enoka’

A section of Kenyans on YouTube, thirsted over the daughter and even some jokingly went on and requested for contacts on how they can meet her and maybe start a relationship with her.

Yesu wa Tongaren's daughter 'Nabii Enoka'
Reactions to Yesu wa Tongaren’s daughter ‘Nabii Enoka’

She is cute and her voice was just amazing. Despite all the backlash online, Yesu wa Tongaren said that the prophet names given to his family wife and children, means that they are blessed and guaranteed for a place in heaven.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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