William Ruto Opens up on Being Helped By Uhuru Secretly to Defeat Raila in Elections.

Ruto reveals the truth on claims about working secretly with Uhuru Kenyatta to defeat Raila Odinga.

Since William Ruto defeated Raila Odinga in 2022 general election, there has been alot of gossips, that have gone viral. Among then is the long con story. It is alleged that Ruto and Uhuru were working secretly to defeat Raila Odinga.

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However President William Ruto has refuted reports that he worked behind the scenes with Uhuru Kenyatta during his successful campaign for the August 9 presidential elections.

William Ruto Revealed that it was tough to hear his boss Uhuru Kenyatta express support for Odinga. However he had no option but to accept the fact and go on.

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“Yes, it is difficult, but it is the truth. You would spend a great deal of time if you choose to live in denial. When it became clear that Uhuru Kenyatta would not support me, I moved on and built a new campaign team. By God’s grace, we won the election, ” William Ruto Said.

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Ruto added that it was a tough contest , and in any competition there must be winners and losers. He said he was also ready to accept any of the results.
Speaking with BBC, the president said that , despite of whatever happened , he has been in good contact with both Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta. He also said that he is ready to offer Raila Odinga a job but not under the handshake parameters.

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“When Raila Odinga decides to retire, he can support the country in other efforts, perhaps in the Great Lakes Region, or he can work with us as an older statesman” The president said.

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