Watchdog: Benny Hinn Alileta Mockery ya God Kenya That’s Why Watu Wanakufa Na Accidents Sana.

Famous content creator and one of the most trusted investigative content creators in Kenya, Truthwatchdog finally decided to shade a light on what has been happening on Kenyan roads. Accidents have been increasing on daily basis and this is something that has never happened before. They are not normal accidents because they are claiming lives of many people.

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Speaking via a tiktok video, Watchdog said that, Benny Hinn might be the reason why God is punishing Kenyans heavily. According to Watchdog, Benny brought mockery of God in the country. He alleged that he is a con and a person whose stories and cases say alot about him.

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Therefore Watchdog believes that he used Kenya to mock God, that is why, accidents have been increasing on daily basis. He revealed that since Benny Hinn prayed for the nation, crazy accidents including the Kenyatta university accident have been happening and this is a wrath from God.
Watchdog believes that as a nation we need a prayer day to cast those spells and ask God for forgiveness, because we are loosing very important people in the society due to accidents.

Click the link below to watch full video on Tiktok.

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