” Nilikuwa Natoa Kutu Na Maiti Madem Mali Safi” Mortuary Attendant Confesses.

There are some confessions that are very weird, this are the confessions that makes you believe that indeed everything that you may think has never happened, is happening or is yet to happen or it has happened but you don’t know.

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In a viral tiktok video, Clayde, decided to make a very weird confession, admitting that he has ever had intimacy with a woman’s dead body. Clayde who is from western Kenya, revealed that he once secured a job in Sudan, it was a mortuary job.

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He used to take care of dead bodies in a village mortuary in Sudan, and it was deep in the rural. The village had no electricity and it was underdeveloped. They used charcoal to preserve the dead bodies for atleast 3 days before it is released for burial.

" Nilikuwa Natoa Kutu Na Maiti Madem Mali Safi" Mortuary Attendant Confesses.
” Nilikuwa Natoa Kutu Na Maiti Madem Mali Safi” Mortuary Attendant Confesses.

The monthly salary was ksh.12,000 and he worked there for about 4 months and decided to quit the job. The weird part of his story, is when it came to the confession time.
Clyde admitted that sometimes beautiful ladies used to be brought in the morgue, and those ladies who have died immediately, their bodies is usually warm, so his work was to wash the bodies and prepare them well.

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One day he decided to get intimate with the body of a beautiful woman to quench his thirst. He said it is something that used to happen and maybe it is still happening in many morgue. Clyde said in Sudan a foreigner isn’t allowed to sedduce their ladies, so the only way to quench his thirst was through his morgue job.

Click the link below to watch full video on Tiktok.


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