Do You Still Remember Vitimbi Actress Mama Kayai? This is What Happened to Her.

Untold Story of Mama Kayai.

Mary Aisha Khavere well known as Mama Kayai, is a legendary in the field of acting. She is a mentor to many actress,and she is indeed the queen of entertainment. She is still in the field of acting  and she is still doing well and setting more bars.

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Background of Mama Kayai.

She is a Luhya from Chamakhokho in Tiriki. She was born and raised in Majengo Nairobi . She attended st bridgit and after school she directly joined acting field.

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Acting Journey.

Vitimbi  at KBC is the show Made Mama Kayai famous. She used to play the role of the late Mzee Ojwang’s wife. The show was very huge and she acted there for almost 20 years.

Mama Kayai
Mama Kayai and Mzee Ojwang at Nyayo Stadium in 2013/Courtesy

The program came to an end and she shift to Jungu Kuu at K24. She acted there for a while , before making a comeback to Vitimbi at KBC. Other cinema she has featured are Darubini and many others. Acting is her inborn talent, and she used to be a traditional dancer back in school and that was her way to acting.

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Her Current Lifestyle.

Mama Kayai is among the few legend actress who really invested there money very well. That is why you have never heard her begging for money. She owns rentals and during the Covid 19 time, they were her source of living.

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Her life is well planned and she is living a happy life.
She is also still an actress and the Vitimbi show is back on KBC. She is among the senior actress in the show and still making some good amount of money from the show.

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