“Ananitishia Sana, Hata Alisema atanipeleka Court” Trevor Exposes Moyadavid.

Moyadavid and Trevor Silas Beef.

“Ananitishia Sana, Hata Alisema atanipeleka Court” Trevor Exposes Moyadavid.

Trevor Silas has exposed the famous tiktoker Moyadavid for threatening him on allegations that he is copying his dancing styles and getting the deals that he was supposed to be getting, because people think that he is Moyadavid.

Trevor Silas is among the upcoming tiktokers that have been really gaining alot of fame on tiktok and he has been able to get over 500k followers due to his dancing skills. He does surprises just like Moyadavid and also usually dresses just like Moyadavid hence most people have been confusing him and Moyadavid.

Trevor Silas said that because he has been gaining fame, Moyadavid reached out at him and told him to stop copying him or else he will sue him for impersonation or even tell his followers to report his account so that it can be banned by tiktok.

Trevor Silas said that Moyadavid has threatened him more than 3 times and yet according to him, he feels that he is innocent because he isn’t using Moyadavid’s name to get fame, he is just using his name and the dance moves are just from the tiktok challenges. He urged Moyadavid to stop threatening him.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.(courtesy of presenter Ali).


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