“Wanaume Wananikatia sana Kuliko Madem, They Sent me Nudes” Creative Phil Reveals.

Creative Phil, Male Makeup Artist


One of the famous male makeup artist in Kenya Creative Phil has come out openly to reveal to the public the challenges and also benefits of his job as a male makeup artist.

Speaking in an interview with presenter Ali Phil said that he has been doing the makeup work for quite a while and he  has been mostly doing makeup for famous celebrities.
He said that his work has several challenges and one of the main challenge is being seduced by gay men. Because she always apply makeup to himself, most of the men who are in Lgbtq society have been hitting out at him thinking he is a member too.

Creative Phil said that in his Dm, men are hitting on him more than ladies and they have gone to an extend of sending him their nudes. Creative Phil said that he always has a difficult time explaining to them that he is not a member of Lgbtq and he only apply makeup to market his brand.

Creative Phil said that he was once a member of the Lgbtq society but he realised that is not the way he wants in his life, so he decided to look for a girlfriend and become more straight. He said that currently he is dating and he has disconnected with his best Dennis Karari because of several reasons.

Creative Phil said he knows that he is beautiful and cute, but that doesn’t mean he is a gay, so men should stop hitting out at him because he is straight.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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