Untold story of Mungai Eve: From A Belt Hawker To A Millionaire At The Age Of 21

Biography of Eve Mungai

Everlyn Wanjiku Mungai is one of the most successful content creator in kenya. At her young age of  24 years ( as at 2024) , Eve has achieved alot in life compared to a huge number of her peers. Her journey to success is an inspiration to many youths in Kenya, she rose from a belt seller to a YouTube millionaire.

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The young girl was born in Gachiku Village, Murang’a County, in the year 2000 , April 6th. Just like most of Kenyans Eve attended a local primary school, then to highschool, where she was shifted to several schools due to financial constraints.

She however completed highschool, attained a grade that secured her a place at NIBS college, where she started studying journalism. At the college, she had to look for a way to sustain herself, she started  to hawk belts in school.

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Like she would literally go to Gikomba market , buy belts in bulk , at ksh. 50 bob then sell to her schoolmates at Ksh. 150 , hence making some small money to sustain herself at the school.

Corona then happened, schools were closed, Eve was forced to go back to Murang’a, and wait for school to reopen so that she can go back to continue with the studies.

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It is during this time, when his ex boyfriend Trevor  told her to come to Nairobi so that they can start hustling.
In 2020 towards the end, Trevor introduced Eve to YouTube, and she was only supposed to do voiceovers. She was shy on camera, however after her first interview with Madocho and his crew went viral, Eve started gaining fame slowly.

Kenyans started supporting her, and they could watch all the videos on YouTube. Trevor even decided to Change the YouTube channel name from Block 47 to Mungai Eve, making her a brand.

2021 was a life changing year for Mungai Eve, her numbers on social media started to sky rocket. On YouTube subscribers increased gradually and she was the talk of the town, making other people such as Nicholas Kioko and others to join content creation industry.

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It took them time to get their first paycheck from YouTube and it was a good amount of money. By the end of 2021 Eve Mungai and Trevor were already millionaires.

At the beginning of 2022, together with the support of Trevor the two migrated into a new fully furnished apartment at Kileleshwa area. They then went on purchased a Brand new Toyota Crown. It was another year full of blessings.

Eve started landing into Multimillion deals, she was even among the influencers of Odibets , that went to witness world cup in Qatar live.

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Love life with Trevor was doing well and they were the most famous online media in Kenya, Eve being the face of the brand. However on February 2023, Trevor and Eve parted ways but decided to be business partners, they kept this low-key.

2023 Eve’s body transformed, she became a top tier girl and her Instagram followers increased. YouTube also hit 700,000 plus subscribers. On 25th December the two were involved in an accident, and since then their relationship stumbled.

They both deleted pictures of each other, however they continued to work together, till February 19th 2024, When Trevor fired Eve from YouTube, rebranded all the social media channels to Kenya Online Media.
He publicly confessed that the two parted ways, and they will no longer work together. Reason for separation hasn’t  been revealed. Mungai Eve on the other side continues to sign multimillion deals, and it is like she can even survive without YouTube because she is a brand worth millions of money.

Here is the video of Eve Narrating Her Journey to fame.

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