” Walitupromise ksh.500 Ndio Tuende Tujaze Uwanja , Labour Day, Lakini Bado Hatujalipwa”.

A section of Mkuru kwa Ruben residents in Nairobi Kenya have decided to let the cat out of the bag, after they revealed how they were enticed by their area chief to go and attend the labour day celebrations at Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi.

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Speaking via online media, the residents who were camping outside their area chief office said that , the chief approached them, and he politely urged them to go and attend the labour day event at Uhuru Gardens on 1st May. He promised to give them ksh.500 after the whole event is over.

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Their main aim was to just go and fill the garden so that it doesn’t look empty. They were also to cheer up and make the event look amazing.

However after the event ended, their area chief failed to pay them as agreed. Angry residents decided to camp outside the chief’s office and they were demanding for their payments for them to leave his office.

” Sisi chief alikuja kutuambia tuende tujaze uwanja huko Uhuru Gardens, alitupromise shillingi mia tano after event. Venye event iliisha sisi tunaona tu wengine wakilipwa , lakini wa mkuru kwa ruben hatulipwi, ndio maana tumeamua kuamkia kwa chief saa kumi na mbili, lazima tu atulipe , ndio tutoke hapa”

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This is a trick that is usually used in politics, where netizens are usually paid to fill the stadiums and in other cases, during demonstrations, people are also being paid to destroy properties and cause chaos.

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