“Waliniekea Sumu Kwa Pombe” Manzi Wa Kibera Says While Admitted in the Hospital.

Manzi Wa Kibera Admitted in Hospital

Manzi Wa Kibera is currently admitted in one of the hospitals in Nairobi, this is after she got ill in a club after taking two bottles of Alcohol.
Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Manzi Wa Kibera said that she was among the female competitors who were participating in the twerking competition hosted by Kenyan vs food show.

Manzi Wa Kibera said that she won ksh. 5,000, after showing her dope dancing skills, the hosts of the show decided to buy for them alcohol as they party together. Manzi Wa Kibera said that after she took two bottles of alcohol, she started vomiting and she was feeling stomach aches and she was just uncomfortable.

When the situation got worse, her boyfriend and manager, together with some of her friends rushed her to hospitals. Manzi Wa Kibera said she started feeling well after a period of 3 hours. She said that the doctor informed her that the alcohol she took had a poison.
The doctor told her that its by God’s grace that she is still alive, because if they could have waited for a long time, she could have died.

It maybe serious but sometimes this upcoming celebrities can do anything for clout, recently we saw Vincent Mboya faking that he was attacked by goons, yet in real he was looking for youtube views. But quick recovery Manzi Wa Kibera, we pray that God might heal you as soon as possible.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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