” Kibe Ni Mjinga Upuzi yake imefanya Vijana Hawaamini Mapenzi” TBT Video Of Mungai Eve Bashing Kibe After Predicting Her Breakup With Trevor

"Kibe Ni Mjinga Sana, Upuzi Yake Imefanya Vijana Hawaamini Mapenzi" Mungai Eve says.

One of the most famous Kenyan female youtuber and content creator Mungai Eve, has publicly come out to hit out at Andrew Kibe, and how his content is making youths never to believe in love.

Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali, Mungai said that Andrew Kibe is a product of failed marriage and relationship, hence he thinks everyone has similar experiences of love like him.

Eve said that Kibe is a very useless dude who wasted his youth and currently is just behaving like a small kid with the kind of things he is telling Kenyans.
Eve said that the foolishness of Andrew Kibe, has greatly affected Kenyan boys and men, because they have a negative perspective towards love.

Eve said due to his foolish content most men don’t believe in true love, or even buy their girlfriends gifts because they fear being dumped.

Kibe has a negative perspective towards girls and women because he was dumped by his wife. It still hurts him and since then Andrew Kibe has never healed.

Mungai also said she doesn’t fear Kibe and she hates him very much because he is just an idiot and old man who is just trying to mind things that people of his age aren’t expected to be doing. Eve together with Trevor vowed to discipline Kibe when he lands in Kenya.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube (courtesy of presenter Ali).

Eve urged Kenyan men to avoid Kibe and believe in true love because it do exist.

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