Norah Bosibori: How I Lost ksh.30 Million While Campaigning For ODM and I gained Nothing.

Norah Bosibori Narrates how she lost ksh.30 Million While Campaigning For ODM.

A cyber security professional, Identified as Norah Bosibori , has emotionally narrated, how she lost ksh. 30 Million while campaigning for ODM. She campaigned for 3 years , and she was denied even a chance to participate in the party’s preliminaries. She gained nothing.

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Bosibori who is also a cyber bullying consultant, said that she joined politics in 2020, and paid a registration fee. She officially became the member of ODM party with hopes of growing her political ambitions.

Speaking in an interview with Tuko, Norah Bosibori, said that she played a very important role for preparing ODM for the 2022 general elections. She decided to use her savings to campaign for ODM in her constituency.

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Through his good heart and strong will  of wanting the party to be more popular, she managed to register 10,000 members in the party, using her own money.

Norah Bosibori
Norah Bosibori /Courtesy

Norah said that Things started going left, when she showed, her interest of vying for MP Seat in Dagoretti North Constituency. She did everything using her money as she looked forward to participate in the preliminaries of the party.

Bosibori said that she spent millions of money helping people in the community, printing t-shirts, banners ,billboards and giving money to the youths self-help groups.

She had already paid the fee that would allow her to participate in party preliminaries. However things changed a day before the preliminaries.

Norah was dumped by ODM, who informed her that there will be no preliminaries in Dagoretti North Constituency due to zoning , and the party had already nominated there flag bearer. This really hurted her because she had already used ksh. 30 Million just  for preparing and only to be dumped on one day .

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“The night before the preliminaries I was informed that they were cancelled and the party had nominated its own flag barerer for my constituency.” Norah Bosibori said.

She still feels the loss because it was from her own savings. Norah says  that ODM didn’t have democracy. There were people who were misleading Raila Odinga, that is why they lost terribly. She said the party could have enhanced fairness, maybe things could have been different.

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