Bahati is My Husband Mimi Humpea Mechi Hata Nikiny*sha” Diana Marua Reveals.

Diana Marua reveals their bedrooms secrets again.

The Bahati’s is one of the craziest celebrity family in Kenya. couple who have decided to reveal everything about them to the public. Diana and Bahati are among the best Kenyan life, they usually share their relationship secrets and achievements to the public.

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In the video that has gone viral online, Diana Marua shocked her fans, after she decided to reveal one of their weird bedroom secrets to the general public.

She did the video after coming back in Nairobi from Migori where she had gone to burry her beloved grandmother. In the video Bahati was had complaining that he had missed tasting Diana Marua’s honey pot for the five days his wife was away.

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Diana however didn’t let Bahati finish his complains, she immediately jumped in and revealed to the public that Bahati is a maniac. Diana B said that despite her being on monthly periods, Bahati still requested for it, and as a submissive wife she didn’t hesitate to give him.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

This is not the first time , Diana Marua and Bahati are exposing their bedroom secrets to the public. When Bahati was campaigning for the member of parliament seat in Mathare, Diana Marua publicly complained that Bahati comes home late night and still wants her to give him the forbidden fruit.




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