“Hizi Nguo Zako Hapana” Mungai Eve Bashed For Visiting A Dentist in A Tight Biker Short .

Mungai Eve Bashed For Indecent Dress code

Mungai Eve is one of the most famous and celebrated kenyan  content creator, and she is among the youtubers that their brand are really trusted by the cooperates. From grass to grace, he has been signing deals all over, however Kenyans have been really questioning her dress code sometimes.

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She knows how to dress, when it comes to fashion, we can all agree that this young girl has a taste, however some of the Kenyans feels that sometimes she usually overdo.

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She was bashed for attending Akothee’s wedding in a very tight revealing outfit. This time the content creator found herself on the wrong side of Kenyans on Instagram, after she visited a dentist in a very short tight biker short that was too revealing.

Mungai Eve Bashed For Indecent Dress code
Mungai Eve Bashed For Indecent Dress code

According to Kenyans, when marketing things such as dental clinic , you just deserve to wear decent and remember here are the teeth being marketed and not your body.

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There were alot of crazy comments, and Ofcourse some of the netizens zoomed the pictures and saw whatever they saw. Eve didn’t care on what netizens were saying on the comments as usual, and that is it.

Here are some of the screenshots from the comments section.

What do you think, is that a descent dressing code, or Eve should work on her dressing code whenever visiting or marketing some businesses?.

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