“Uchawi Promax” A Young Boy’s Head Turn into a Pig after Stealing Someones Pig.(Full Video).

A Boy who turned into a pig


If you thought you have seen it all, you haven’t seen it, you are yet to see more. I tell you wonders shall never end in this world. I want you to be aware that voodoo well known as witchcraft exists and it is something real. There is a shocking incident that has happened in Malawi and has left everyone shocked.

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The video of a young boy whose head turned into a pig after stealing someone’s pig in one of the most feared villages in Malawi has surfaced online and has really caused stir.
The boy had wrapped the pig head with a towel and for sure it was a real head of a pig.
(Here are the videos of the whole shocking scenes).

(video courtesy).
The sources have revealed that the boy is only 21 years old and he had been warned several times by the villagers against stealing people’s property but he didn’t change his behaviour. So he made a mistake and went to steal the pigs of a renown person in the village, and the man whose pig was robbed decided to go to the witch doctor, who turned the head of the boy into the head of a pig.

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That is the only information we have now, we are following up the story and we will inform you if the boy has recovered or not.

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