“God has Rejected Him!” Bishop Elizabeth Thuiya Who Predicted Raila’s Win Opens Up.

Bishop who predicted Raila's win Opens up

Bishop Elizabeth Thuiya is a woman of God who is always active in politics. She is a Bishop and during the 2022 campaign, she was among the bishops who ordained Raila Odinga. She predicted Raila Odinga will be the president of Kenya.

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Elizabeth Thuiya
Bishop Elizabeth Thuiya/Courtesy

However things didn’t went the way she predicted. Her prophecy didn’t come to pass, hence people referred to her as a false prophetess. She is on record saying that God has rejected Ruto. Thuiya said that the presidency seat will be won by Raila.

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Elizabeth Thuiya has however come out openly to defend her prophecy. According to her , rejection means going through a tough race. She said that God had told her that Ruto has disobeyed Uhuru Kenyatta, there for he will have to go through a tough test. Thuiya has said that Kenyans misinterpreted her , because she didn’t say that Ruto won’t be the president.

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The Bishop urged all Kenyans to be united , because the campaign period is over. She has been in the ministry for 15 years and she is truly a woman of God. She said it is time to support William Ruto and together lead the country to glory.

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