Two Nakuru Children in a Critical Condition After Cooking Chameleon For Lunch

Children in Nakuru in a critical condition after cooking chameleon for lunch.

Two Nakuru Children in a Critical Condition After Cooking Chameleon: Drought has been a very big disaster in Kenya especially in 2022. Desperation for people to find food is taking over.

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Due to the drought hardships and current  economic situation , Two children from Nyakinywa farm , Sirikwa ward aged below 8 years are fighting for their lives at Nakuru Level IV hospital after consuming chameleons for lunch.

According to reports obtained from a reliable source, who is a close neighbor. It has been revealed that the young souls, took chameleons  they found on fence, chopped  and they decided to cook it together with the potatoes that their mother had left.

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The children weren’t aware that chameleons are always poisonous. They therefore decided to serve the meal among themselves and enjoyed eating.

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Some minutes later, their mother who had gone to fetch firewood, arrived and find her children vomiting. She questioned the elder child and she was told that they added, chameleons to potatoes she had left for them so that the food can be enough for the two of them.

Nelly Chepkirui(Neighbor): Mama yao alikuwa ameenda kutafuta kuni, sasa hao nao wakaamua kuchukua chameleons, wakaongezea kwa viazi ndio iwatoshe. Kiangazi ni mingi huku, tunaishi tu kwa imani. Tunaomba chakula cha musaada.

The Children were rushed to Sirikwa health center and later transferred to Nakuru referral hospital , for further medication.

According to updates made by Sirikwa Village elder, it has been reported that the younger child is in critical condition and elder one is getting better.

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