Tizian Savage Forced To Gift Himself After Fans Refused.

King Tizian Savage found himself in a hotsoup while playing a tiktok match with famous dancer Kendi Q, Tiktok match is a match that normally happen for around 5 minutes, and the participants are normally rewarded points according to the gifts they get.

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It is one of the ways through which tiktokers make money, and Tizian and many other famous tiktokers have made millions of money through this match thing.

Tizian Savage Forced To Gift Himself After Fans Refused.

While playing a match with Kendi, Tizian Savage was on the verge of loosing the match, after fans refused to send him gifts. The young tiktoker who has gone viral several times , decided to gift himself.

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He decided to buy some gifts to increase his points. He said that he has alot of money and if people refuse to gift him, then he will do it himself.
Here is the link to the full video.

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