Tizian: I Have Over 50,000 Dms , Both Ladies and Men Want To Date Me.

Meet Tizian, the cutest Nduthi Guy in Kenya

Tizian well known as the cutest Nduthi Guy from Nakuru County, who went viral in the beginning of 2023, after tiktokers acknowledged him as one of the cutest Bodaboda rider in Kenya, came out openly to reveal to the public on how he is handling pressures from people who want to date him.

Meet Tizian, the cutest Nduthi Guy in Kenya
Meet Tizian, the cutest Nduthi Guy in Kenya

Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali, Tizian admitted that he is indeed giving Kenyan ladies and men sleepless nights. He said that ever since he went viral on Tiktok, daily he receives over 100 messages from new numbers, who either want to date him or be friends.

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Tizian said that on tiktok , people are indeed simping on him. He said that both women and men want a taste of him, and currently he has over 50,000 messages on his tiktok inbox. On Instagram also he has a good number of messages.

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He went on and revealed that people have been paying him upto ksh.10,000 , so that he can be just replying their messages, or chat with them. He also revealed that a good number of people from abroad, have also been hitting out on him.The pressure is indeed getting worser, but he knows how to handle it. He choose to hide his relationship status.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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