Tiktokers Help Nyako To Pay Ksh .455,000 Debt In Few Minutes.

Self Proclaimed president of Tiktok Pilot Nyako is now a free woman, after kenyans on Tiktok came through for her and cleared the debt, that had made her PayPal and bank account frozen.

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It is alleged that Nyako found herself on the wrong side of the famous tiktoker, Absolute, who claimed to have sent her money for some errands, and it didn’t happen. Nyako said she used money for charity, but Absolute said that money wasn’t for charity.

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Absolute revealed that Nyako owes her a sum of 2730 Euros, that is about Ksh.455,000. Nyako went live on Tiktok and urged her fans to help her clear the debt, as well pay her rent.

Since she is a very good person, and she has been helping people on Tiktok, her fans came through for her, and helped her to clear the debt, just within some few hours.

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With the help of tiktoker known as Ayieko, they were able to raise the whole amount, and Nyako said confidently that she is done with Absolute,now she is a free woman.
Click the link below to watch full video on Tiktok.

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