Fena Gitu: I fully Support LGBTQ

The LGBTQ debate is a very controversial topic in Kenya, and many people have diverse opinions about the community. One of the most famous Kenyan veteran musician , Fena Gitu is among the artist who have shared their opinions about the legalisation of the community.

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Speaking  during an interview at TV47 , Fena Gitu confidently said that she supports the legalization of the LGBTQ Community. The artist said that , what two people who are in love do while in the bedroom is non of other people’s business.

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She said that LGBTQ lovers aren’t affecting anyone, and it is time for Kenyans to just let people live their love life the way they want. As long as it is not affecting anyone, then everyone is free to love a person he or she wants.

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Fena Gitu is the second musician to support the legalization of the community, this is after Sautisol Singer Biensoul also openly said that he supports LGBTQ fully and Kenya should legalize it.

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Reliable sources have previously revealed that, musician Fena Gitu is a member of the society. She has been spotted several times hanging out with members of the society.

Recently she went viral after she was spotted getting touchy and cosy with Mitchelle Ntalami, who is also a member of the community.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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