” I’m Still Single, I have reduced My Dowry from Ksh. 20 M to Ksh.15 M”  Asoro Comedian.

One of the most famous Kenyan comedian, who went viral online after her video entertained Kenyans, Asoro Comedian, has come out openly to reveal her current dowry to the public.

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In her previous interview, Asoro who was then still new in Nairobi, and she was just catching up with the, she publicly said that her dowry was ksh.20 million. The reason why Asoro said that, was because she was still a very pure virgin.

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The comedian is still an untouched virgin and she said that she is keeping her purity, for her future husband. After being single for a while, because majority of men can’t afford that 20 Million, Asoro Comedian has decided to reduce her dowry to ksh.15 Million.

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She said that she is very sure that, she will get a husband who will pay that dowry and take her as a whole. Meanwhile, for those who just want to have her in their house, without touching her, they are expected to pay ksh.500,000. After paying that money, she will go to reside with the man for six months without giving him any conjugal rights.

Asoro Comedian
Asoro Comedian

The comedian said that she will never lower her standards, because she is a fully package of what majority of men want. She said that she is open to talk to anyone , but when it comes to marriage and tasting her honey pot, a person must be capable of paying ksh.15 Million.

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