Patrice: Why I Told My Best Friend To Sleep With My Wife Several Times.

Some things are difficult to believe, until you see a video of them happening in real life. It is true that friends elope with their friends lovers, but as a sneaky link. In this case of Patrice things are different and everything happening was something that was agreed by all the parties.

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Patrice a gentleman from DRC, got married to a very beautiful woman Identified as Zubeda. The two made it legal by doing a very lavish wedding and they were free to start a family.

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Here is where things started going left. They tried to have a child for the first 2 years of marriage but failed. The community was giving them pressure and they felt disrespected.

Patrice: Why I Share My Wife With My Best Friend.
Patrice: Why I Share My Wife With My Best Friend.

Zubeda told Patrice to try sleeping with other women and see if he can impregnate them. He went on and slept with three women two times, but he failed to impregnate them.

They decided to go to the hospital, here is where the truth came out that Patrice isn’t capable of making a woman pregnant. This was very challenging because they wanted a kid they had to come up with a way of making it happen.

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Patrice decided to seek help from his best friend, and they agreed that he will sleep with his wife and make her pregnant. The friend hesitated but after pressure from Patrice he agreed.

The young man went and convinced his wife, both three of them agreed to keep it as a secret. The friend went on and slept with his wife and so far he has made her pregnant three times, they have 3kids.

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The friend said that the kids belongs to patrice and he really respect him and his wife. The wife said that he had to do this for his husband, and they are living very well without any judgement from the society. The wife said that she will never develop feelings for the friend and also 3 kids are enough.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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