Stevo Simple Boy: Nilifariki Nikiwa Mdogo, Mungu Akanifufua.

Stevo Simple Boy

It is like Stevo Simple Boy has decided to be on the trends on the better part of 2024. He keeps on coming up with some controversial stories. This time round the musician has decided to claim that he once died when he was young and God made him resurrect.

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Speaking in an interview with Trudy Kitui, who was very concerned with the mental health of Stevo Simple Boy. Trudy said that most of his fans have been questioning about the mental health of Simple Boy , and they really want to know what is happening.

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Stevo Simple Boy was very calm, he said that he was born in Oyugis, Nyanza region. However when he was young, something shocking happened. He got sick and died, in other words Simple boy said that the family had given up on him and started burial arrangements.

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However by the grace of God, when he was still at the hospital, everyone hoping for the worst, miraculously he woke up. He strongly believes that he died for sometime and God made him resurrect.
He cited that is among the reasons that usually affect his mental health, but physically he is well and he thinks he is also quite doing well mentally, his fans shouldn’t worry anymore.

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