“Sitaki Usherati” Ringtone Warns Arrow Bwoy, After Album Launch Invitation.

Ringtone Apoko Warns Arrow Bwoy

Self proclaimed chairman of gospel music in Kenya, Ringtone Apoko has issued a warning to Arrow Bwoy, after Arrow Bwoy invited him for his album launch at Junction mall.
During an interview with online media, Arrow Bwoy was forced to Invite Ringtone on his album launch live on camera. Ringtone hesitated to accept his request because he is a born again Christian and he doesn’t want to be linked to secular event.
He accepted the invite but warned Arrow Bwoy against the pervert behaviours and also being exposed to girls who are naked.
“Unajua mimi ni chairman wa gospel, sipendi usherati mimi, usikuwe umenialika kunionyesha wasichana wako uchi ama watakao vua nguo mbele yangu. Pia usikuwe umenialika kunipea pombe. Mimi ile kitu nitakuja kufanya ni kuwaombea tu” Ringtone said.

Remember Ringtone Apoko is the self proclaimed chairman of the gospel music in Kenya. He is always advocating for gospel despite his evil scandals. In all the album launch he has ever attended, he has been causing troubles and also igniting beefs. We hope this time round he will be calm and respect everyone.
Arrow Bwoy will be launching his album at Junction mall, and it is among his major wins this year. Several artists and business people and also fans are expected to attend. Ringtone has confirmed that he will attend, lets hope he won’t cause drama this time round. Congratulations Arrow Bwoy, keep on winning.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.
(courtesy of Nicholas Kioko).

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