“I Will Continue Living My Life, Making Money and Searching Love” Betty Kyallo Says

"I will Continue Living My life, Making Money and Searching for Love"  Betty Kyallo Says

(Image, Betty Kyallo Instagram)

Betty Mutei Kyallo is one of the most beautiful female celebrities in Kenya who have really struggled with love life. Most of her relationships has ended in premium tears.

In the latest video that has been going viral online, Betty Mutei Kyallo who is now 33 years old, revealed her life goals resolutions. Betty Kyallo said that currently she will just continue living her life on a big spoon, make more money as possible and searching for love.
Betty is currently single and getting a true lover has been a big challenge for her. Betty has money, she has invested in alot of business, but despite having all that wealth, getting love is where she has failed.
Betty has been into like 3 relationships, since breaking up with her baby daddy Dennis Okari. She has one child, baby Ivanna and they are co-parenting. The latest break up of Betty Kyallo is of her and Nick Ndeda.

The breakups might have made him to give up with love and from the previous experiences is like she doesn’t believe in true love again. However she is doing great in business and currently Betty Mutei Kyallo is a very big brand in the Kenyan market. She is winning as a single soul and maybe she will get married when she gets the right partner.

Lets hope God will help her to get her perfect match as soon as possible. All the best Betty Kyallo, and continue working hard and smart.



Here is the link to the full video on Instagram.

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