Shocking! Baba Talisha Finally Releases The Postmortem Results of Brian Chira.

Kenyans and friends of Brian Chira have been demanding for the postmortem results of the late Brian Chira. There have been alot of speculation and a good number of people believe that Chiras death was planned and most probably he might have been shot to death, due to the injuries that were shown.

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To end all the noises that were on social media, Baba Talisha Finally decided to speak up and revealed the post mortem results. He said that only a close family member was to be given the results and Chiras shosh wasn’t ready for that.

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So they had to wait, and after everything had been done, they went to pick the results. Baba Talisha said that he was surprised to see people claiming that Chira was shot to death, yet he lives just 900 meters away from the scene.
The results were saying that Brian Chira had multiple organs injuries and also tremor, the lungs were badly damaged and the heart too. Meaning he was hit by something that was moving at a higher speed.

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The doctor who did the postmortem revealed that Chiras incident is linked to Road accident and not bullet as people claimed. That was the postmortem results, and according to it , Chira was involved in a road accident and there is nothing more to add on that.
Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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