” She Is Younger Than My LastBorn” A 92 Years Old Man Praises His Wife

Age is just a number, and it is true that true love do exists, and this is only possible if you find your perfect partner. Ndung’u Karioki who is 92 years old is happily married to Winnie Karioki who is 40 years old, that is a difference of 52 years.

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There love story is very interesting, speaking in an interview on Afrimax English, Winnie said that the decision of marrying an older man wasn’t easy, she faced several backlash, but all didn’t stop her because she had already made a very right and wise decision.

Ndung'u Karioki,92 years and his wife Winnie
Ndung’u Karioki,92 years and his wife Winnie

She used to be a friend to Ndung’us daughter, that is how the two met, and get to know each other in 2014 when Winnie was only 30 years.

One thing led to another, and they mutual got attracted to each other, and they decided to be a thing. This is after Ndung’u proved to Winnie that he is still strong enough to fulfill her conjugal rights. They got married in 2014, and for 11 years now(2023), the couple have two children together.

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Karioki said that he decided to marry Winnie because he felt he was a perfect woman to replace his wife who had died 7 years ago. He had been single for 7 years, and things were like hell.
After the death of his wife, his family were not expecting him to live long, he said that a section of his close relatives wanted him to die, so that they can take his wealth.

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Ndung’u said that he is a rich old man, hence his decision to marry Winnie faced a backlash, even some of his children and brothers faught him. They wanted to finish him completely so that they can inherit the wealth, they still see his wife Winnie as a threat.

However by the grace of the lord, they have managed to go through the challenges together. Their lastborn is a year old, and the couple are still optimistic of growing their family.

At 92 years old , Karioki is still strong, and in good health, because of his wife. Winnie has been taking good care of him, and pampering him with love, it has been 11 years, but the couple feels like it is just the beginning of their everlasting love life.

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The two said that they will be together till death , and nothing will ever separate them, they are in love and love is what makes them enjoy life.

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