” I Can’t Pay Dowry of Ksh.1 Billion For Ssaru, She is Worth 10 Rolls Of Bhang”

Famous gengetone artist and rapper Sylvia Ssaru topped the trends , after she publicly claimed that her dowry is Ksh.1 Billion. She said that she is worth it and her taste is for rich men. However celeb critic, Sabato Sabato thinks that Ssaru was high on something .

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Speaking in a viral tiktok video, Sabato Sabato said that he thought Ssaru was normal, till she realized that she uses marijuana, and has really affected her thinking capacity.

Sabato said that a man who can pay such amount of money to a woman like Ssaru is just a fool. According to Sabato , Ssaru’s worth is not even close to that huge amount of money she was saying, he alleged that she is a spoilt lady and her dowry is supposed to be measured in terms of bhang rolls.

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Sabato said that Ssaru is only worth 10 rolls of marijuana. He said that the main reason she compares her to bhang, is because Ssaru smokes weed, she takes ” Makali” which is a cheap liquor, and alot of gengetone artist have had her taste.

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He said that a woman who has such qualities, is no where close to such huge amount of money. Sabato urged Kenyans to understand Ssaru, when she was saying that she was high on something, and she is always high. Sabato alleged that Ssaru is a regular weed smoker, hence she reasons with weed, so people shouldn’t take serious whatever she says.

Here is the video.

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