From Fame to Farm: The Fall Of Gengetone Group , Sailors Gang.

In the year 2018,2019 and 2020, Gengetone music had taken over Kenya. It was like the national anthem of the nation. Sailors Gang a group made up of 5 artist, was one of the most praised crew in the nation.

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The Wamlambez hitsong made them famous, and then the famous radio presenter, Mwalimu Rachel decided to support them. She made sure that they are getting airplay and also organised for them shows and gave them platform to sell their brand.

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The group was made up of Peter Miracle Baby, Shalkido, Lexxy Young, Qucocos Juma and Masilver. The were all young and talented, they released hitsong, and clearly defined their future. Kenyans were sure that they will one day reach the levels of Sautisol.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang ( Courtesy)

However in the mid of 2020, after the government of Kenya had imposed lockdown, things started going left. They had no shows to perform so they weren’t making any money. All this time Mwalimu Rachel was still managing them, and she revealed that she used to give them upkeep and make sure they are good.

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However after a short period, the crew collided with Mwalimu Rachel, they accused her of misusing them, and reaping big from their online platform royalties. This made Rachel to part ways with them, and she even took the youtube channel that she had opened for them.

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The crew went on and signed a deal with another management company, they opened another channel and started releasing music. However after Mwalimu Rachel aired her side of story and how she sacrificed alot to make sure that the crew is successful, Sailors Gang started getting hate from Kenyans.

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Their brand name was somehow damaged, and this was the real beginning of the fall of Sailors Gang. Kenyans started hating on gengetone music and also a good number of people termed it as Immoral.

The young boys were not making money from their music, they also claimed that their new management was blackmailing and misusing them. There were alot of things going on behind the scenes, and this made them to separate, leaving the group with no one.

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Peter Miracle Baby and Shalkido decided to do Mugithi. Lexxy Young also decided to go his way , Qucocos Juma went back to his dreadlocks job and Masilver decided to focus on his business.

Plans to revive the group failed several times, and they all just decided to focus on solo music. Out of all the five, only Peter Miracle Baby is still going viral online. His brand is growing and he is really gaining fame in the Mugithi industry.

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The other four members of the crew are still trying to push their music and also businesses. They are low-key and maybe one day they will be back to the limelight. That is how the much praised gengetone group in Kenya went on its knees.

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