John the Baptist From Bungoma: Mimi Bado Kijana, I’m 83 Years But I Will Live For 260 Years.

The self proclaimed John the Baptist from Bungoma, Nandolia village has caused stir online again. This is after he decided to reveal to the public, the years that almighty God has promised him to live.

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The 83 years old man who is a husband to 46 wives, the youngest one being 23 years, said that he is not a normal human being. He said that he is among the senior prophets of God, and he is the one who baptised Jesus Christ .

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Being a prophet, John the Baptist said that he is still in this universe for 177 years more. He has been shown by God that he will die at the age of 260 years.

John the Baptist from Bungoma
John the Baptist from Bungoma

He therefore still considers himself as a youth . At 83 years, John is still aiming at marrying more wives.He currently has 290 children and more than ,8 homesteads. He is wealthy and takes care of all his wives well.

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Her youngest wife , said that it is difficult to cheat on him because he is a prophet. She was told that if she attempts to cheat, he will just know. She is therefore fearful, and she has already made up her mind to settle with him till forever.

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