Sabato: Kenyans Please Stop Helping Simple Boy, Fate Yake ni Kuteseka na Kukuwa Maskini.

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity and content creator, who is following the path of Andrew Kibe, Sabato Sabato, decided to shade light on the issue of Stevo Simple Boy.

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Sabato said that it is high time now Kenyans to stop helping Stevo, because it is like his fate is to languish in poverty. Stevo has been helped several times by good people with good intentions but he still fumbles with the chance.

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Sabato said that it is like suffering and poverty is part of Stevo, it is true several people have really tried to change his life, ever since he became famous, starting from Chipukeezy to Mp Salasya but Stevo always makes sure he is back to poverty.
He said that managers aren’t the issue, because he has been with three different managers, but the problem is the same, meaning Simple Boy is the issue and he indeed deserves to stay in Kibera that is where his fate is, this were the words of Sabato.

He added that the only person who could have rescued Stevo is Pritty Vishy because she believed in him when he had nothing, but whenever she tries to support him Kenyans bash her. Therefore Stevo can’t be helped and it will take time for him to be supported again.



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