Baba Talisha In Troubles! Brian Chira’s Fund Contributors Threaten To Take Him to Court.

Faustine Don or well known as Baba Talisha is in troubles, this is after Brian Chira’s story took a new twist, and some serious people have decided to join the people who were demanding for the accountability and transparency on how the funds that were contributed by the public were used.

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There were allegations from tiktokers who were also the members of the committee, claiming that Baba Talisha misused Brian Chira’s funeral money. The funeral didn’t match the figures he said. Earlier Baba Talisha said that the funeral costed about ksh.1.2 Million, but by the look of things a section of Kenyans felt that it didn’t match that money.
One of the contributors, who seemed to be a very powerful person in the government, said that he is currently looking into the issue, and he tried to reach out at Baba Talisha but he answered him rudely.

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The person who was using a tiktok name as Don King , said that they will soon forward a demand letter to Baba Talisha, and they want him to bring all the receipts to prove that the figures he displayed online were the one used at the funeral of Chira.

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He said he is among the people who contributed money for a well send off of Chira, and it is hurting to see that people used Chira’s death to make themselves rich and con members of public money.
Speaking live on Truthwatchdog tiktok, the person said that if Baba Talisha doesn’t respond to the demand letter, he will take him to court, because he has all means and he is ready to make sure justice and transparency is served.
The man said that everything will be out soon, Kenyans should be patient, he is working behind the scenes to make sure that every coin used is accounted for and also to take a deep dive into the death of Brian Chira.
Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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