Maandamano Kwisha: Ruto Agrees To Shake Hands With Raila Odinga.(Video).

It seems like Maandamano Monday and Thursday is coming to an end. For the past 2 weeks Azimio La Umoja have been protesting and their demonstration have had a very negative impact on the country, it has led to alot of losses especially among business people.

The president of Kenya , William Ruto has heard the cries of Kenyans and also men of God who have been advocating for dialogue. Ruto has decided that the demonstration will come to an end after he agreed to have a dialogue with opposition leader Raila Odinga.
Here is the video of Ruto saying that he will shake hands with Raila Odinga.

This is good news to all Kenyans, everyone is now eagerly waiting to see the role of Raila Odinga in Kenya Kwanza Government. A new era and new journey of transforming Kenya has begun..Ahsanteni sana viongozi.

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To all our readers , happy Aprill fools day and be blessed 😂🙏.

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