Ringtone Apoko: Bahati is depressed, Amejaribu kukunywa Sumu Mara Tatu, Pray for him please.

Ringtone Apoko Reveals the Whereabouts of Bahati.

The self proclaimed chairman of gospel music industry, Ringtone Apoko, has finally revealed the whereabouts of  Bahati.

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Ringtone is a very close friend of Bahati , and he has revealed that all is not well. Kenyans should pray for Bahati because he is battling with alot.

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Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve. Ringtone Apoko said that , Bahati is currently battling with depression. He said that he is still in disbelief that he lost the Mathare parliamentary seat.Ringtone said that the singer is yet to accept the results.

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Apoko went ahead and said that Diana has reached out at him like 3times , so that he can go and help Bahati because of attempting to take poison.

“Bahati ako na depression. Bado haamini alipoteza uchaguzi Mathare. Diana amenipigia simu karibu mara tatu, niende Kusaidia ,juu Bahati alikuwa anataka kukunywa sumu” He said

He said that it is time for Kenyans to pray for Bahati. He is in darkness but hopefully he will be back soon. Ringtone said that Bahati has an EP and he is yet to drop very soon. He however urged Kenyans to just continue praying for Bahati and all shall be well.

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