Pritty Vishy: I Want to Date Older Men

Pritty Vishy prefers dating older men

After parting ways with Madini Classic, Pritty Vishy has decided to reveal the type of men she wants to date. The upcoming socialite and content creator has said that she is now way much , and it is time for her to change the taste of men .

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Responding to a question asked by one of her Instagram page . Pritty said that she might fall in love again . But this time round she will fall in love with an older person. She now prefers dating older men.
This year alone, Pritty Vishy has been dumped by two musician .

Pritty Vishy
Pritty Vishy reveals that she prefers dating older men /Courtesy.

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She was dumped by Stivo Simple boy and after dating Madini Classics for about 3 months, the two have already parted ways.
She was ready to become the 2nd wife to Madini Classics.

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At the age of 21 years , Pritty has been through alot in relationship. In her previous interviews , she once revealed that at the age of 16 she tried marriage but it failed. Therefore she has a bit of marriage experience and for her , it is now time to date older men.

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