Redflags in Mulamwah and Ruth K Relationship

Mulamwah and Ruth K

Mulamwah and Ruth K have really woowed people with their relationship goals. It is evident that the two were meant to be together. A good number of people online have approved their relationship and said that they deserve each other.

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However there is also a section of Kenyans online who have already started seeing redflags in the relationship. Mulamwah and Ruth K did a video of how the two first met, and a section of Kenyans from the video have already started seeing redflags in the relationship.

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Mulamwah confidently said that Ruth K was the one who asked him for his number, and initiated for the first date, while she knew very well that Mulamwah was that time dating Carol Sonnie.
In other words it was an admission that Ruth K and Mulamwah became a thing while Mulamwah was still dating Caroll.

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That is cheating, that is a redflag, meaning that if he was cheating on her previous partner then what can make him not to cheat on Ruth K.

The other thing that was noticed from the video,is that Ruth K loves Mulamwah more than Mulamwah loves him. This is contrary to the last relationship where Mulamwah loved Caroll Sonnie More that she loved him.

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The other redflag is how Mulamwah usually talks concerning their relationship. He really tried to keep it low-key by saying they are just best friends. After even they had gone for ” Ruracio” ceremony, Mulamwah was hesitant to say that it was a traditional wedding, instead he said that parents just overreacted it was not supposed to be that serious.

The two are indeed cute couples , but they really need to grow their love more, and become a one thing.A child will bind them , but if they ignore the redflags then it might again happen like other popular celebrities relationships that kenyans thought were perfect but ended in premium tears.

Here is a video of how Mulamwah and Ruth K met.

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